Flow Calibration Software—CFlow+

CFlow+ is a Windows-based, Flow Calibration software package and CompuFlow Solutions’ cornerstone product. The package supports multiple platforms and is easily customized to almost any hardware configuration. It is a visual, intuitive, and easy to learn interface to your flow calibration environment. The package is a LabVIEW product, which allows for easy language translation and customization for special needs.

The main program is used to calibrate flowmeters. Shown below, everything is easily viewable on a single page. A process mimic shows the reading of all critical instruments at a glance to assure proper configuration before the calibration. The calibration settings configure the software to automatically select and record the desired flowrates in any sequence. As data is collected, it is listed in tabular form and graphical form on the screen. Other screens support dialog boxes offer diagnostics and password protected configuration.

New features include expanded diagnostics, log plots, more calculated variables, standard flowrate control, corrected flowrate calculations, added engineering units, new platforms, and more.

The analysis of the program will graphically display finished calibrations in a wide variety of visual modes. Single detailed graphs of all variables as well as multiple graphs allow for detailed numerical comparison of either historical or process changes. Tabular Reports are generated in a variety of modes. Saved calibration files are stored in a spreadsheet compatible format for easy importing and customization.

Data files are Excel (© Microsoft) compatible for easy customization and manipulation. Custom report formats are available in addition to the included classical report formats. Plots and diagnostics are printable on any printer. In addition, system configuration is also printable in order to satisfy configuration control requirements.

CFlow+ Features

  • User editable viscosity and density tables
  • User editable, saved calibration profiles
  • Numerical correction for temperature and pressure effects on calibrator
  • Extensive calibration notes saved with data file
  • Full Windows 10 support
  • User editable engineering units.
  • Foreign language support
  • User editable analog scaling
  • Diagnostics for debugging and trending
  • Password protection for QA support
  • Graphical data editing

CFlow+ Sample Screens

1 Cflow+ Compuflow Solutions

 CFlow+ main screen allow the operator to perform complete flowmeter calibration from a single window.

2 CFlow+ Compuflow Solutions

One of the many utilities that allows for a graphical comparison of up to six calibration files with any 96 variables against any other 96 variables.

Flow Calibration Software—UVC Editor

Universal Viscosity Curves (UVC) are a popular mechanism in the use of turbine meters to estimate the performance over wide temperature and fluid applications.  The UVC Editor software package allows for the operator or the automatic algorithm to “blend” the calibrations of different fluid calibrations of the same turbine meter. To use, simply load up to six calibration files and the software will produce a single, editable UVC curve. This new calibration file can be printed in report or graph format.

UVC Editor Sample Screen

Flow Calibration Software—Data File Format Converters

Even though our calibration software’s files are Excel® compatible, several utilities exist to convert these SAV files to other formats. The most important of these is the LIN format which the format that CF+ uses for master meters to flow transfer (secondary) standard.  CompuFlow Solutions’ Data File Format Converters utility seamlessly converts the file generated while a flowmeter is calibrated to a file that contains the same information to be used as a master meter.