Steve Hope—Founder and CEO

Steve Hope, the founder of CompuFlow Solutions, holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Arizona. He started CompuFlow Solutions after a decade as Director of Engineering at a competitive flowmeter company. He is a four time winner of the prestigious LSU100 for fastest-growing companies owned by LSU graduates.

CompuFlow History—The Industry Leader in Flow Calibration

Founded in 1997, CompuFlow Solutions initially developed a powerful Windows based flow calibration software package that has grown to be known as CFlow+. This led to the upgrading of existing flow calibration system that also needed modern electronics and improved instrumentation. This led to repairing and improving the calibrators themselves, which eventually led to the development of a complete line of flow calibration equipment. Today, CompuFlow Solutions is the leading manufacturer of flow calibrators. It is nearly the exclusive supplier of such equipment to the U.S. military.

Currently CompuFlow Solutions is building new calibrators and repairing/upgrading existing calibrators originally manufactured by other suppliers. We have regular customers that use us to certify their flow calibrators.  CompuFlow is an expert in fluid draws to certify positive displacement flow calibrators.  We also provide on-site training and consulting in all aspects of flow calibration.

CompuFlow not only builds Primary Flow Standards which measures only primary variables that can individually be traced back to the National standards for length, temperature, pressure, time, etc.,  we also build Secondary Flow Standards which use other flow measurement devices as working standards. These systems are considerably less expensive, however, and cannot offer the system uncertainties comparable to that of the Primary Flow Standards.